Sunday, July 20, 2008

Light Emitting Diodes


To locate Earthquake victims

How to reach survivors and find out what is underneath the disaster are:

1. bore down with a very strong metal to a sufficient depth

2. at intervals have a porthole type that opens and shuts when activated

3. push down and push off the portholes Light Emitting Diodes in a convenient array

4. if you can sneak in speakers with capability to pick up sounds and cries for help then the better it will be

To pull them out

1. hydraulic system like when the houses were jacked up from under the lahar and placed on "stilt" or another foundation?


1. was it safe long term to blow a hole into the underground of a dam or lake that is overflowing so the water goes down and not over flow?


Light Emitting Diodes-how they work

Piezoelectric Sensors and others-Roberto Dugnani

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perhaps applicable to Geographical X-ray Images Information System in the event of an Earthquake

How about Ultrasound, Lasers, Microwave?

Christensen's Why Switch to Digital Radiography?

Read that.

Question: Is there further need to do hazard survey of digital dental x-ray machines?

Question: Should we replace lead lined aprons with thermoplastic (any offgassing?) or Kevlar etc.?

Question: Who among or all (Aribex, Niton, Metorex, Keymaster Tech, Oxford Instruments, sino pa?-no stress needed, just with piezoelectric and Elizabeth Redmond) (now we are into atomic, radiation and nuclaear batteries) will make the tandem two in one
xray fluorescence and xray radiography with minimum detection limits that is commensurate to atomic absorption spectrometry and do we need ppb levels MDL? but multielemental and also affordable and portable???